Innovative Ideas for Wedding Photography



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Photography is the art of preserving the precious times when you celebrated an event. Birthdays, anniversaries, job promotions, and house moving are all events to celebrate. And the way to keep the memories of the event alive is to use photographers to shoot the event. Here is a look at some offbeat ways the people organize their marriage.

Special arrangement and camera rentals

Weddings are one of the main events in anyone’s life. So, it is not a surprise to see many people make different arrangements for their wedding that are out of the normal. And not everyone has high-end cameras such as a Canon or a Sony ready to capture the event. You can hire your camera equipment for a couple of thousand dollars. This saves you the cost of buying new equipment that would run into lakhs of rupees. That said; let us see how the innovative people make their weddings special.

Creative photographs fall into those that have a photographic trick in it and those that are artfully located. Few go to the extent to create trick photographs. The reason is that in the rush of the wedding, you cannot expect people to pose in odd positions needed to create the photo. For instance, you could take photographs through a wine glass or reflecting mirror. The beauty of these photographs is in getting the perfect light setting and background. Without these, they would not be as charming.

Wine glass wedding photography

You can get two or even more people in the picture when you photograph them through the wine glass. You must use a long distance lens such as Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L III USM and ensure enough light on the subjects. Use any of the top end cameras such as Canon EOS 5D Mark 4 or Nikon D5100. You cannot have the subjects, usually the bride and groom, but you can also photograph the bridesmaids and the flower girls or the groomsmen, too far away from the glass. Once the idea catches on, you will have everyone wanting their own ‘glass photo.’

Another trick is to arrange a heart-shaped wreath and shoot the photo through this. It gives a perfect frame for the couple and anyone else who wants it. You could also use a photo frame to shoot through and have the flower girls hold it up for you. You can use suitable filters to give a special touch to the photographs.

Finding good spots for wedding photography

Location photography is hard on account of the light. At some locations, you have the perfect background but the light will shine the wrong way. So, you have to wait until the light has turned around for the shoot. The locations include a boulevard in which the couple stands in the middle, by the flowing brook, underneath the century-old tree in the yard, or even an aerial shot using a drone.

It does not take long to get the hang of taking photos with the drone and the aerial view is something to die for. Take some photos to include with your Thank You notes.